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Name:Diagon Alley
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Wizards, Witches, and muggles welcome!
A place for witches and wizards (and sometime muggles) to gather. shop, and be merry.

This community is just getting started and was a spur of the moment decision so please bear with us as we get everything together.

Your lovely mod team is [personal profile] shakingirony and [personal profile] raven_rising.

What We Are:

We are a place for Harry Potter fans to congregate; share news, info, pictures, and more on the movies, books, JKR, the actors, and more; and have serious or funny discussions. We are a place for RolePlayers to come and interact with each other or with the muggles. They may be canon or not, they can have a set storyline and time period or not, and they can be funny or not. All of this is at the Role Player's discretion. We are, above all, a place to have fun, make friends, waste time on the internet, and be Harry Potter nerds. Please introduce yourself to everyone else in our introduction post located here.


1. If you have news, a source should always be provided, especially if you are taking it from another community (on Dreamwidth or on LJ).
2. Do not start drama. Discussions are welcomed (encouraged, in fact); however, if you start unnecessary drama we will speak to you and determine a course of action at our discretion.
3. If you would like to report unnecessary drama (for the time being) please contact a maintainer.
4. If you are going to make something associated with Diagon Alley; please contact a mod first.
5. When tagging your posts please be smart about it. Look through the list of tags we already have made and don’t go overboard on personal tags (please try to limit yourself to one).
6. Join the community to see the posts. Have fun and post, post, post!
7. Not everything has to be Harry-Potter-specific; posts can be off topic as long as they are interactive.
8. RP accounts need to contact a mod when they join so that we can add you to our list of characters.
Contact your maintainers

[personal profile] shakingirony
AIM: shakingirony or AKissToSurrender
[personal profile] raven_rising
AIM: raven rising88


Contact a mod if you would like to affiliate with us.
[community profile] watsonfans
[community profile] threebroomsticks
[community profile] daily_snitch

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